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Discover paradise

Putting up with paradise. Conversations with twenty Mallorcan artists is a book published by Lunwerg Editores in Spanish and English, that shows what is hidden beyond that stereotyped picture that many people have about Mallorca. The island, indeed, has idylic landscapes, outstanding beaches and sun most of the year. But it has more, much more.

To discover it, Marga Melià has met some of the most relevant Mallorcan artists in several fields -writers, film directors, painters, fashion designers, musicians...- and different generations. Through their conversations and the photographies taken by Óscar Fernández Orengo, Putting up with paradise invites us to enter these artists' intimate universe and the Mallorca every one of them has in their heart.

If you want to discover this other Mallorca and spend some time with some of the most relevant Mallorcan artists of the contemporary Arts scene such as Miquel Barceló, Agustí Villaronga, Maria del Mar Bonet, Rossy de Palma, Joan Miquel Oliver or Cristóbal Serra, this is your book.


Conversaciones con veinte artistas mallorquines

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