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The book

"It is paradise, if you can stand it ..." With this symbolic phrase that has passed into history, in 1929 Gertrude Stein discovered Mallorca to her friend, the English poet Robert Graves.

Mallorca, a Mediterranean island whose natural beauty and tourist attraction dazzle so much at first sight that they have shaped a typical picture postcard of white sandy beaches and transparent waters, behind which hides a complex reality full of attractions that are unknown to many.

Putting up with paradise shows another postcard, a faithful portrait of a large part of the cultural activity that Mallorcan artists have developed in the course of several generations.

A testimony, a manifesto, a book of conversations with twenty of the most representative creators from the island, who talk about their life and work, as well as the history, culture, traditions and identity of their land.

The journalist and writer Marga Melià achieves a profound, evocative, amusing and bitter dialogue, creating a fabulous document to understand this fascinating community of artists and the intimate and personal scenic views each of them has chosen.

Óscar Fernández Orengo’s photographs complete this delicious play of words and pictures, questioning the charm of paradise to show another Mallorca, an island where people have lived, loved and suffered... and put up with it too.


Conversaciones con veinte artistas mallorquines

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