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Rafa Cortés

Film Director (Palma, 1973)

With deep roots in the land where he grew up, he was able to portray a local story sincerely in Yo, his first film, made in Mallorca, and with it he has succeeded in making his film universal. Indeed, his film has been shown at over one hundred and twenty international festivals and was presented as Revelation Film of the Year at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007.

Despite being expelled from several schools in his rebellious youth, the director has finally been able to find his place in the world, like the main character in Yo. Rafa Cortés has succeeded in giving another turn of the screw of modern cinematographic narrative and has gambled on a way of viewing films in which the spectator forms an active part of the creative process.

He was introduced into the world of celluloid as a director’s assistant in films and publicity while still very young, and by filming some ingenious short films (La leyenda del sevillano, Cómo ser Federico Fernández), with the few means available to him at that time. He is also proud of his work in advertising, which he combines with directing films and video-clips. He has directed advertisements for important companies like Ikea. His commercials have won him prizes like the Advertising Excellency Award of the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, and the Sol de Oro, at San Sebastián Advertising Festival.


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