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Mònica Fuster

Visual Artist (Palma, 1967)

When she was a teenager, Mònica began to realise that she would end up being an artist. She studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and completed her studies in London. After spending a year back-packing around Asia by train and bus, she found it hard to adapt to the routine of western life again, but she recovered and began what has become a life full of successes in the world of visual arts.

Some of the main themes that Mònica’s profound and suggestive work examines are metamorphosis, lightness, the ephemeral, the study of geometry in nature, and dreams. The artist approaches these through different languages like drawing, photography, installations, video, engravings and sculpture.

Throughout these years, her work - Sad Trees, Ticking Along, Among Them, Andvarp, Traç, Raons Foradades, Dulce Antropofagia, Mientras corren las hormigas - has been exhibited in numerous cities around the world and has been recognised with the Estampa Prize, the Foundation Altadis Open Spaces ARCO ’02 award, the third Purificación García photography prize... Mònica was chosen as the Spanish artist for the Site-Actions International 2005-06 in Iceland, and has also published several art books: Beyond the Threshold. Sonja & Verudina and Drawings.


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