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Miguel Adrover

Fashion Designer (Calonge, 1965)

Miguel Adrover was born in the small village of Calonge to a family of farmers and had to give up his studies at the age of twelve to help out on the farm. When he was twenty-six, possessing no more than his spirit of adventure and self-confidence, he moved into a dark cellar, full of rats, in New York’s East Village, which he paid for with the money he earned cleaning stairways in some buildings in Queens.


Just ten years later he had become one of the best-known fashion designers in the United States and his clothes had been exhibited in such important institutions as New York Metropolitan Museum or Washington National Museum. In addition, he had dressed personalities like Yoko Ono, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kofi Annan, and the Council of Fashions Designers of America had granted him the Perry Ellis Award, regarded as the Oscar for fashion.

The secret of his success lies in his courage to carry his ideas to the final consequences. Unhappy with the injustices committed all over the world against the most defenceless, with the lack of communication among cultures, and the destruction of nature, he decided to lead his own revolution on a front that had always attracted him: clothes.


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