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José Miró

Fashion Designer (Palma, 1975)

Before discovering that he wanted to dress women with feminine, sophisticated and modern designs, Miró wanted to be a hermit. One day, however, when he was a teenager, he realised that fashion is a “very powerful communicative tool" and he decided that he could contribute more positively to society by studying fashion design.

After finishing his studies in Barcelona, he went to Paris in 1996. One month later he was working as a haute couture pattern designer and assistant in Thierry Mugler’s studio. He returned to Spain in 2000, where he started working as studio manager for the wellknown designer in Madrid, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Just one year later, he decided to come back and settle in Mallorca to create his own label: José Miró. After presenting his first three collections in the Barcelona Circuit, in 2003 he presented his new collection, Baraka, in the Cibeles fashion week in Madrid, which won him the L’Oréal Paris Prize for the best collection by a new designer, and was a decisive step in his career.

Now, Miró can be proud of doing such different things as dressing Gwyneth Paltrow for Freixenet’s Christmas advertisement, creating a dress for the doll Barbie on its 45th anniversary, presenting collections in Paris and London, designing the uniform for Air Europa, and seeing his clothes on exhibition in a number of museums.


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