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Joan Morey

Audiovisual Artist (Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, 1972)

After completing a doctorate in Fine Arts at the Universitat de Barcelona, Morey began his artistic career in 1997 by creating the false clothes brand STP (Soy Tu Puta) as the element unifying all his projects. In the early years, his work revolved around themes like the search for identity and gender topics, and one of his main reference points was the fashion world.

In 2007, Morey began a new stage in his career with the performance Postmortem, after which he began a much more hermetic production inspired by intellectual references like the films by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Jean-Luc Godard and Ingmar Bergman, and the texts of Karl Marx and Nietzsche. Abandoning the themes of identity and gender that had inspired him before, in this new phase Joan Morey announces that he feels motivated by the search for the ultimate reasons for human existence and power relationships.

The winner of several grants and prizes, who has exhibited in museums and art centres all over the world, Morey has worked in video-art, installations, photography and clothes designing, but the language with which he feels most comfortable is performance, an artistic expression similar to theatre where he plays with audience involvement and improvisation. Among his most outstanding works are Obey. Humillados y ofendidos, El Mal ejemplo o el enemigo interior, Dominion, Postmortem, Nueva ola o desencert and Gritos y susurros. Converses amb els radicals.


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