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Cristóbal Serra

Writer (Palma, 1922)

Serra is one of the strangest and most fascinating writers in the panorama of Spanish literature. The most outstanding works of this wise man include such enigmatic titles as Péndulo (1957), Viaje a Cotiledonia (1965), Diario de signos (1980), Augurio Hipocampo (1994), Retorno a Cotiledonia (1989) and El asno inverosímil (2002).

This writer from Palma has been acknowledged as a cult writer by great figures like the Nobel prize- winner Octavio Paz, who called him “the hermit in Palma de Mallorca”, he has been made Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universitat de les Illes Balears and has won awards like the Ramon Llull. Despite this, Serra, who says that success has never interested him, still remains a quite unknown writer for many people.

Unhappy with modern civilisation – too rationalist for his liking– he questions everything without complexes and with a great sense of humour.

Serra has always been fascinated by secret and occult matters: part of his work has been devoted to studying the Bible, Taoist philosophy, visionaries and extrasensory perception.

Serra has combined his work as a writer with translating, teaching languages and literature and creating the science of asinology. The study of donkeys – his favourite animal – has even led him to form the Brotherhood of the Red Donkey, which only accepts as a member anyone who takes as seriously as he does the reverence for this likeable animal.


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